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Nate Troye grew up in Detroit Michigan where he always carried the love of creating music from an early grade school age. He had a musical vision that no one could stop him from obtaining.

Rehearsing bars in his head during class, rushing home to read up on the latest music equipment to researching music theory. Nate didn’t know it then but he was well on his way to stardom.

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With an astonishing 120K Plays on “Angel”, “Wild Things Roam”, and “Why Can’t You Love Me” combined.

Nate decided that he would apply for Spotify. When he was accepted and verified as an artist, he released “Angel”.

Nate was beyond elated knowing that his dream was becoming a reality. Just one week after dropping Angel” he had already reached 3 thousand streams catching the attention of quite a few people in the music industry.

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Take a listen to  Angel by Nathan Scott

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