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We found JC on Instagram and then we heard Fake Love and there was nothing fake about JC’s talent we had to share him with all if you.

JC The Don originally from Mobile, Alabama, moved to Huntsville, Alabama with is Father at the young age of 12. JC grew up listening to Lil Wayne, Drake, and Lil Boosie. Which later inspired him to create his popular tracks “Trenches” and “Fake Love.”

These two tracks came from a place of pain and betrayal JC experienced while hustling in the streets. He continuously showed love to see several people who had eventually turned their backs on him but instead of seeking revenge JC decided to vent and heal through music.

JC dreams of collaborating with well known artists but one artist Derez Deshon caught his attention at a show in Huntsville, Alabama, his music spoke to him like no other making it his goal to one day collaborate with him.

JC plans to break into the game as an established artist who is here to stay and he is currently staying in the studio working hard to perfect his craft by investing money and genuine time into his music because JC believes that it takes hard work and money to make it in the game and you have to invest in yourself if you wanna see good results. We have to say, we totally agree!

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