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We fell in love with Kierra Shunte the moment we saw her shining on Instagram with her big smile and even bigger personality and her music was just the extra added bonus to all her brilliant glory.

Kierra Shunte was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. From an early age she wanted to be an artist and never changed her mind.

Kierra had received her first role in a play at the age of three and by five years old Kierra was receiving standing ovations for her stellar performances in plays, starring roles in musicals, and singing at memorable special occasions.

Kierra became beyond fascinated with the entertainment world which lead to her decision to perfect her performance by her start in attending a school of the Performing Arts where she improved her vocals, acting roles, and dancing.

Kierra enjoys all genres of music, from the late king of pop Michael Jackson to the powerhouse pipes of the late Whitney Houston who had the most influence on her passion of developing a love and style for Pop/R&B music.

Kierra Shunte continues to grow and master her love of music as she currently performs and creates new music and we are totally keeping watch.

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