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Fancy J London is an inspiration in the industry of music for her ability to create music for the sole purpose of using her earnings to support domestic violence survivors, fund cancer research, fund finding a cure for the autoimmune disease M.R.S.A, fighting for affordable education for the less fortunate in Mexico, and caring for the environment.

Fancy J London is a multi genre recording artist from Boston Massachusetts. She began singing in 4th grade and through-out her childhood up into her teens participating in school plays, church choir, talent shows, and private functions along side her mother who was also a very talented singer.

Fancy attended Arts Magnet middle school where she took, music class, photography, theater, and poetry, taking home a blue ribbon for placing first in New England for her poem “Creation” at the age of 11.

Fancy also attended vocational school during the summers to learn more about music, theater, cosmetology, and fashion design. Fancy eventually moved on to university earning her license in Cosmetology, Degree in English Language Arts, resulting in earning her title of Professor, earned her M.B.A. in Business Management, Bachelors in Psychology, and PhD in Philosophy.

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Today Fancy J London also known as Jacqueline Williams, is the proud CEO & Founder of Featured Stars, CEO of Fancy Lady Industries Records, Mission Project 9, e Snap co; and other Businesses. She is also a Global Ambassador for Domestic Violence, and a Survivor herself, a Traveling English Professor, Writer, Publicist, Brand Manager, Founder of a Trade School in Mexico called Cor Azul, and an avid supporter of many talented artists all around the world.

Fancy J London started publicly releasing her music in 2014 on SoundCloud eventually releasing her debut single “So I Could Be” in 2016. Fancy’s popularity quickly grew after the release of her, third album entitled “Blue”, reaching the attention of John Mayer, Jimmy Fallon the host of the Fallon Tonight Show, as well as being featured in Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli’s “Bitch Park Backwards” Music Video.


Her latest milestones include hitting number 2 on Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool Charts with her latest single “Forever” and shortly after hitting number 1 on Spinnin’ Records with her track “You’re The Reason I Don’t Trust Nobody” from her seventh album “Reflect” and Hitting number 1 again with her track “This Is Me Remix” in collaboration with Producer, DJ Ross the Boss. Fancy J London has since then released Throne, LiGHT, Shadow, Reflect, and her Self Titled R&B Album “Fancy J London”, as well as releasing 20 singles as of 2020.

Fancy has continuously released music dropping a few singles and a couple albums a year as well as running her six Businesses, keeping up with her Non Profit Charities, Record Label, Press Agencies, Branding Companies, Celebrity Blogs, F.S.M Magazine, and still making time as an Influencer on Amazon, and Music Breakr

Fancy J London is no stranger to the stage touring in Mexico, and hitting the stage in lots of cities in and out of the U.S. She hopes to perform again after the pandemic is over, shooting for a tour sometime in late 2022, and we hope she will too.

Find out more by visiting Fancy J London’s website at http://www.fancyjlondon.com and hitting her super link at https://linktr.ee/iamfancyjlondon


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