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Eli Yenskii impressed us on our very first 30 seconds of listening to “HOLA”. Eli’s latest release “SMOKE” got us all choked up because it is just that beautifully done. We can’t stop listening. Eli has the power to keep you captivated with artistic style, pleasant vocals, and theatrical music productions like no other. Why Eli isn’t on the top of billboard has us perplexed.

Eli Yenskii (born Telique Elijah Morris in Staten Island, NY) is an independent American singer-songwriter, entertainer, and producer, based in Atlanta, GA.

Eli released his first EP entitled, “3/8” in 2019, followed by his latest single, “SMOKE”, released Oct 30, 2019. His genres include POP, R&B, Hip-hop, and Neo Soul.

Growing up with musical theater, Eli  was exposed from a very early age to all kinds of different artists, sounds, and styles of music.

Eli Yenskii ‘HEAVILY’ promotes freedom of expression, love, and unity for people from all walks of life. He has taken a different approach to creating “feel good” music, mixing sounds like modern day pop/hip hop, accompanied with some classical music styles that include Jazz, Blues, and Rock & Roll.

Eli is currently working on his debut studio album. ( Title yet to be released) The project has been HEAVILY under wraps and kept extremely private, but listeners can be assured that the wait will definitely be worth it!

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