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Michael Jacob brings instruments to your ears with delightful sprinkles of strings, drums, and keyboards. His voice is soothing and well versed in the language of love and perfectly timed on key notes. What surprises us most about this talented artist is his story (because everyone has a story) but Michael’s is that of a triumphant journey of overcoming stuttering with the use of his voice is an inspiring one.

Michael Jacob Paris born author, composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist focused primarily with Drums and Keyboards.
Michael was surround by a talented family of musicians that provided him with inspiration to turn towards singing at the young age of 13. His was greatly moved by the music of the amazing Stevie Wonder.

Michael Jacob debuted his first EP, “Blue” in 2013 accompanied by Julien Cohen and guitarist Bruno Caviglia. Moving on to deliver his opus “Prelude To Love” in 2015. Michael continued to release new projects with his “Moonlight” album in 2016 that included 9 wonderfully produced tracks combining funk and soul!

Michael as of late has released a new EP, entitled “More”, on October 15, 2020, this short album contains tracks that are creatively fused with the compositions of string quartets with talented Cuban musicians with the intention of making those who listen feel as if they are traveling throughout a musically diverse universe.

Michaels tracks “I Live For You”, created in 2 versions with different melodies, of variations on theme around “I Live For You”, Is its most complete composition to date of “I Wonder (Where You Are)” illustrated with a music video guest starring the actress Athena Zelkovich.

Michael Jacobs song “The Lonely One “, from his “More” EP is a deeply personal track delving into his fight against stuttering using his music as the driving force behind overcoming his disability.

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