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Azazus (Ah-zays-us) sticks out like a diamond in a world full of musicians with his long flowing dreads, mysterious nature, and perfect sparkling smile. His deep soothing voice and expressive methodical lyrics turn you into melted butter as he dribbles his creative genius all over you.

Azazus an American born recording artist, songwriter, & producer. Reigning from the southern states of the U.S. in a place called Foley, Alabama. Presently Azazus resides in sunny Gainesville, Florida. He is known for his Hip Hop and Pop stylings.

Azazus received his first taste of radio tread on 93BLX FM. Eventually graduating from Santa Fe College and from there embarking on his music career.

Azazus is no stranger to stardom performing in festivals with we’ll known artists Princess Nokia, Nappy Roots, Riff Raff and many others.

Azazus was brought into the spotlight by the release of his single “Onlyfans”. Which accumulated an impressive half of a million TikTok streams.

Azazus’s use of Anime and Mental Health references in his most streamed top hits entitled “Issa Crit”, “Reaper”, and “Need A Friend (with Jeshua Oneal) have also touched many of his fans during these hard times in 2020.

Azazus’s up coming project “Corpse’s Bride” is the first single from Azazus’s catalog set to be released sometime in 2021.

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