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Jeshua’s ability to switch between perfectly timed poetic lyrics, into smooth sensual vocals that fall off his tongue melting his listeners into a puddle, is pretty fascinating.

Jeshua took us by surprise appearing on a track released by Azazus, who is a featured artist we recently had the pleasure of featuring here on Featured Stars.

Jeshua Oneal, is an American artist primarily focused on rap and a highly experienced songwriter, from Foley, Alabama.

Jeshua broke into the music industry with a bang releasing his 2020 single, “Need A Friend” featuring the artist Azazus known for his viral “Onlyfans” single.

Jeshua quickly went viral on Facebook with “Need A Friend” inspiring his next release entitled “When The Street Lights Glow” this track features some heavy rapping skills and smooth transitions between smooth sensual lyrics to upbeat fast paced word play. He drags you in with his vocal abilities and keeps you captivated.

Jeshua’s popularity increased on TikTok with his creative cover video of Nelly’s hit song “Ride With Me”.

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