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Halsey’s lyrics suck you into a manic vortex, where she sings about her inner turmoils, lover’s betrayals, and raging emotions on through the portal into her flirty playful side.

Halsey, is an American recording artist born and raised in New Jersey. Her popularity rose after she solely released music on social media platforms being signed by Astralwerks Records shortly after releasing her debut EP, Room 93 in 2014.

Halsey soared to stardom receiving awards from Billboard, Guinness, MTV, and as far as being nominated for a Grammy.

Halsey announced the five year anniversary of her album Badlands. After many cryptic messages were sent by her older Twitter accounts she finally released the live album in August of 2020 which was recorded at her concert in Webster Hall in May of 2019.

Halsey’s other talents include the publication of her first book entitled ” I Would Leave Me If I Could “in November of 2020. Halsey went on to launch her own makeup and cosmetics brand in January of 2021 called About Face which strives to create multi-dimensional makeup for everyone.

Halsey’s greatest news this year had to be when she announced in January that she was having a baby and we couldn’t be happier for her and her man Alev Aydin.

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