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Who knew that a single blueberry would shoot this talented artist to stardom. LEX belts out moving emotional songs one after the other. We felt the depth that she conveys in such detail making it impossible to skip to another track without finishing.

LEX is an LA singer-songwriter who released her debut solo album with Fire Tower Entertainment, entitled “Bits and Pieces”. LEX works through her journey of growth and self actualization through short story songs, set tragically into motion by the passing of her father.

“Blueberry”, the main song off the album that LEX shared with ECHO Magazine; “what ‘Blueberry’ truly comes down to is the fact that I don’t love myself… I say it point blank in the first line. For the longest time, I really didn’t know how to love myself, and I still don’t fully. It is a struggle that probably everyone on the planet faces each and every day. How can you love someone else when you cannot love yourself?” Her follow up single, “Stand Up”, premiered via Apple Music’s Shazam: The Best New Music playlist on Vents Magazine, where LEX announced she’ll be donating a percentage of her sales to the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.— an organization that focuses on the advocating of racial justice through litigation and public education.

“The empowering ballad is a call to action to us all to stand up for what is right, both in our internal and external battles, all over a rich, sultry, and stirring vocal performance with an equally impactful beat,” said the outlet. Word Is Bond further reported the record as “armed with commanding and sublime vocals,” that “LEX implores listeners not to give in and keep fighting the good

LEX was only 19 years old when her father passed away. He had perfect pitch, played the piano, and loved all things music. She embodies her father’s passion for music in her own life as a singer-songwriter making her way in Los Angeles. “Sometimes I even write to break my own heart,” says LEX on “Bits and Pieces”. LEX gave an exclusive live preview performance of her album on November 3rd at the widely publicized
iVoted virtual festival.

Stream “Bits and Pieces,” now on all music platforms by clicking the link below.

Bits and Pieces


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