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Bolli Blas is a Polish artist who creates big bobbled eyed art using vibrant colors and kiddish strokes. Bolli’s art is simple yet meaningful in sentiment which provides a gravitational pull towards her work. We got a chance to take a deep look into her craft through her eyes and the eyes of her canvas’s and we were pleasantly surprised…

Bolli exhibits her artwork in New York City, London and Paris. Painting is her job but she also loves travelling because that is where she gathers her inspiration from. Bolli especially enjoys meeting new people and children on her travels.

Bolli considers her career to be much more than just a quote unquote job, she suffers from depression and anxiety and painting really seems to help her to chill out and just be in the moment instead of worrying about things.

Bolli States; “I get really overwhelmed with exhibitions and everything that’s involved at times so it’s nice to just focus on painting some days.”

Bolli enjoys creating work that ordinary people will find interesting.
She has always liked to paint art that could be embraced and understood by ordinary people, not just the natural art lovers.

Bolli’s brush strokes are strongly influenced by being around people, feeling their emotions, and sensing their attitudes. She loves using bright colors to show emotional depth and concepts through a childish world. Her use of “Big Eyes” convey a message of looking into mirrors of the soul. They can reflect many complex feelings such as innocence, anger, and happiness. Bolli definitely has a way with paint and people and she absolutely won us over.

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