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Diego Val is more than just a hunk with muscles, he has charisma, heart, generosity, and a profound depth of insight when it comes to his Peruvian roots.

Diego Val a talented singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Born in Peru, raised in both Miami and Mexico,

Diego has carved out quite the niche in his recent past. With his signature raspy voice and heartfelt delivery, Diego began his career as a local street performer and model in Peru.
He also overcame an illness when young in Peru where he had to learn how to walk again. After overcoming so many hurdles alone his Mother became his biggest anchor in life and his biggest supporter.

Diego is more than just an artist and model he takes time from his hectic career and performs for kids with cancer. “I think performing infront of thousands of people in a stadium is easier than performing for a child that may not live to see the next day. Performing for sick kids was one of the hardest things I have ever done.” – Diego

While viewing Caras magazine that featured Diego as a musician, Panamericana network loved his look and cast him on his first novela La Tyson Corazon Revelde. Soon Diego would be recognized for his enormous undiscovered musical talent when a local producer submitted a video performance to TV the show known as The Voice. Diego was immediately cast and became the first Latino to make it to the Semi-finals.

After actually watching the show, multiple Grammy award winner Vinny Venditto brought Diego to Miami to work on developing his sound and give him his own sonic identity. While recording his debut album, Televisa offered Diego a role in Por Amor Sin Ley, and Diego was cast as “El Cuervo” for season 2.

Both the novela and Diego’s first single “Feeling Really High” which is a collaboration with Miami duo Domino Saints was released during the same time.

Within his latin pop musical vibes Diego combines the use of the cajón, which replaces the drums as a percussion instrument, the kena and the charango in songs that are a mixture of urban and folk music.

Diego Val has always had a destiny in mind for his music. Diego States: “I always considered that Mexico was the Latin Hollywood, I think there is no other. It’s still the world platform for crossover, a mixture of genres or cultural expressions, apart from the fact that people appreciate music, and they pay for tickets to see an artist ”.

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