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McKenzie Westmore is much more than just a beautiful blonde bombshell she is a well known experienced multifaceted professional that is constantly surprising us with every project she takes on.

McKenzie Westmore grew up in sunny California into a family of famous Westmore’s who have contributed to over 2000 films and television productions over the years that led them to receiving a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2008.

McKenzie’s entrance into hollywood happened at the mere age of 3 and  was credited to Robert De Niro in the 1980’s film “Raging Bull” where McKenzie played the role of De Niro’s daughter. After decades of reoccurring roles in soap operas like “Passions” and “All My Children”, as well as appearing in Star Trek Voyager among other popular series. McKenzie didn’t stop there as she currently hosts SyFy’s special effects makeup competition “Face Off”.

McKenzie is a successful business woman, a fitness guru that would put us to shame, an accomplished actress, singer, and model, and to top off all of her incredible talents she also found bliss with her husband Patrick Tatopoulos who is an amazing movie set designer.

Continuing in the famous footsteps of her father and grandfather before him, McKenzie developed the “Westmore Beauty®Collection” to make the tips and tricks that were once exclusive to celebrities available to women everywhere for the first time.

McKenzie’s passion is to help women everywhere experience the transformative power of Hollywood special effects to enhance and compliment their own natural beauty.

McKenzie has risen to fame and has a life most would dream of but that hasn’t kept her from trials. She has beat skin cancer more than once, overcame her shyness as a teen, and has learned to love again after heartbreak. We got to say she is definitely one in a million.

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