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Valencia is a stunning artist and performer showcasing her unique sound with gravitational visual creations and delectable style of fashion.

Valencia’s creativity has no boundaries breaking through the norm with her use of dramatic colored sets to the outfits of absolute perfection. Her performances are pure magic as she swoons you with her every note leaving you wanting more. We just can’t get enough of Valencia!

Valencia Rush was born in Kansas City, KS, and raised in St. Louis, MO. She began writing original music at the age of 15. Soon after realizing her passion for writing and cultivating the technical skill of creating, opportunities to tour and perform quickly followed.

Valencia continued to grow into her artistry, she began taking vocal lessons from Ametria Dock, touring with national/international artists singing background, and coming into her own originality.

Valencia kicked off her career performing her own music in 2017, opening for Flo Rida and ARJ in St. Louis. This was the catalyst that propelled Valencia into a solo artist. She has gone on to perform and entertain audiences in the US and in London, UK.

Valencia is the engine behind all creative visuals, lyrics, videos and written content. You could say she is a triple threat we should definitely keep watching!

Her tagline: “Just a creative girl who turned her ADHD into her superpower.”

Follow Valencia on her sites in the link below to learn more about her artistry.

Links: https://linktr.ee/damnvalencia


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