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Sam Louis’s latest single “Driftin” is a track that hit us right in the heart strings as we listened to Sam sing about the struggle of being alone and wondering if there is anyone out there that truly cares, and we heard him loud and clear.

Sam Louis doesn’t hold back and seriously delivers when it comes to relatability by captivating us with melody that both pumps your blood and moves your feelings in the same beat.

We loved everything about this single including the video release where he raced around in a sleek sports car and then quickly switched it up to a scene of him on a mountain side in a futuristic helmet and space suit.

Sam is pure digital adrenaline. Hanging in the balance of Alt pop and R&B, Louis curates feelings of loss and regret while still inducing euphoria.

Based out of Toronto Canada, Sam aims to provide more than just a stream or the casual listening experience, but rather hitting his audience with a dose of healthy medicine for those who need it. We can definitely say he filled our prescription for life.

“Cheers to Driftin through the stars and finding our own place among em.” – Sam Louis

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