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Featured Stars Music Blog offers indefinite blog posts with PR management and other services such as curated playlist placements, referrals to trustworthy services, digital designs for promotional use, HD intro video animations, lifetime support of all featured artists and lots of continued posting on social media sites everywhere.

Get featured on our award winning blog along with some of the biggest names in the music industry. (DEV, Kylie Minogue, Caye, Nazo Bravo, Halsey, My Brothers And I, Dionne Warwick, and many more

Your featured will include the following:
You will be placed on an award winning blog with 4 million readers.
You will receive a Music Blog Post, 3 Instagram Feed posts, 1 Story shout, and Social blasts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Your blog post and feed posts will remain public indefinitely.
1 of your songs will be added to 2 curated Spotify playlists for 30 days.
1 of your songs will be added to a verified Soundcloud playlist provided that your music is available on Soundcloud.
Featured Stars will follow all your social accounts and tag you in posts.
We will in addition to the above create posters from the photos you provide. Your blog feature will go live as soon as we receive your payment and feature information.

Want to be featured SUBMIT HERE for consideration. If accepted we will contact you with further instructions. Restrictions apply you must be an artist on one of these platforms to be accepted ( Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal )

SUBMIT HERE: http://linktr.ee/featuredstars_inc

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The CEO and Founder of Featured Stars Incorporated is Jacqueline Williams (Aka Recording Artist Fancy J London) for any questions or concerns you can reach her directly here.

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