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Adele is an English Singer and Songwriter from West Norwood, London U.K. She is one of the best selling musical artists selling over 120 million records worldwide. After a hiatus of nearly 5 years she has returned with a bang!

Adele stunned the world with her comeback as the host of Saturday Night Live on October 25th of 2020 in season 46, episode 4 with an almost unrecognizable appearance until she began to sing some of her greatest hits from her album 25. Her voice as always left the audience cheering and gave us goosebumps all over. She was back, and we couldn’t get enough.

Fast forward one year later to her release of “Easy On Me” which is the first little taste of her upcoming album “30” set for release this November. “Easy On Me” is the first song Adele has dropped in 5 years and it has already smashed through the competition hitting 24 million streams in the first 24 hours of going live on Spotify.

“Easy On Me” is a gut wrenching relatable story of woe that hits deep within your soul as you listen along with her as she pours her heart into each lyric about being stuck in a relationship of silence, lacking compassion, and pleading for the need of being understood. It’s a neatly packaged box of weepy deep thought provoking emotions we all have felt at one point or another.

Adele hasn’t had it easy since her comeback facing constant scrutiny over her 100 pound weightloss, dealing with the aftermath of her divorce, and struggling with anxiety, but Adele isn’t letting any of her adversities hold her back as she is slowly reclaiming her life and we are behind her one hundred percent cheering her on as she rises like the phoenix once again.

Adele; “I am the happiest I’ve ever been and ready for this next chapter I can’t wait to share 30 with you all.”

Listen to “Easy On Me” available on all music platforms now.

Get ready for Adele’s new album “30” coming this November 19th 2021 and be sure to follow her for the latest updates and upcoming appearances.

Visit Adele’s website at https://www.adele.com


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