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Lavonte Barrow is a 24 year old rapper from Houston, Texas that also goes by the names of Vonte and Issavibe Beats separating his producing side from his musical artist side.

Vonte is a fresh new face in the music industry with just a few years under his belt producing beats, and creating his own rap music, he is definitely raising the bar whilst bringing the competition to their knee’s with his catchy lyrics and ultra smooth vibes.

Vonte started producing his own engineered beats in 2017, moving on a year later to recording his own vocal track in 2018 resulting in his first ever full studio single release.

Vonte grew up around music, and was inspired by his father who created music in his own studio when Vonte was young and his two brothers who are musically gifted as well. His other inspiration came from an artist he admires greatly, Kanye West. Vonte credits Kanye as one of the artists that made him want to create music and produce besides his father of course.

Vonte is an artist of many talents that go far beyond producing and rapping, he also creates digital artwork making all his album art as well as creating incredible fan art and animations.

Vonte’s dream is to bring something new and inspiring into the music industry. He is tired of songs sounding the same and wants to bring back the sounds of the early 2000’s. He believes one day he will leave his legacy on the world and we think he is definitely determined enough to do it. We can’t wait to see where he ends up!

Catch Vonte’s latest beat release  “Wardrobe” out now on all platforms.

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Watch Vonte in his self produced and directed music video entitled “Imperfect People”.


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