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Zay is definitely bringing all the feels with his track “AH YEAH” we caught a “Hi Bich” vibe within the chorus and we have to say this is way better! Don’t let his low key style fool you, Zay is a rising star with years of experience and not holding back when it comes to fierceness, and we love it!!

Isaiah McKenzie, known professionally as Zay; is an American rapper, songwriter and performer. Zay released his first project in 2017 entitled the “ZayEP”. Which gave him recognition in South Carolina and Georgia. From there his group Set 4 Life, signed to the record label Manifest Records in 2019 releasing the album “Shut Up and Listen”. Which resulted in performing in an east coast tour in four different states. in that same year Zay released Coast to Coast which was a dancehall lively upbeat track that he compliments with intimacy. Zay didn’t stop there with the release of his highly anticipated track “AH YEAH” that lives up to the hype with hitting number one on the BMS radio station charts. Zay’s debut album “Vengeance Without Fear” displays diversity wittiness and his ability to captivate listeners.

Zay’s musical influences are magnified by the inspiration of greats like Eminem, Drake, and Lil Wayne, among others. He took this fire for hip hop and combined it with the encouragement and impact of his family and the many experiences that life has brought his way. This gave rise to the talent that has been gaining recognition for his genre blending music and the artform he holds when composing his songs. With his range and diversity in his vocals, he is able to create any feel that he wishes. Whether nostalgic, uplifting, motivational, lyrical or even intimate, he is versatile and creative enough to accomplish either.

The album Vengeance Without Fear is the culmination of Zay’s talent and growth in the music industry. It showcases his diversity along with his wittiness while creating songs that suck the listener into his world. The album isn’t meant for one group of people but was curated to resonate with any that comes into contact with its sound. “Vengeance Without Fear” revolves around hip hop but splices in other genres like dancehall to give a memorable musical experience. The project shows Zay in all his glory, unfiltered with walls let down for the world to indulge. He speaks on a variety of topics that touch the soul, transitioning between not settling for less, valuing the opportunities that await, not letting the outside noise dictate the future, and the dangers of involving the wrong people within your life. We have to say what the world needs now is ZAY!

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Instagram: https://instagram.com/officialzayymusic

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5IfdA3KCLVcdrLRjX2ZL9x

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/vengeance-without-fear/1561468670


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